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Foam Bright

Foam Bright

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Introducing Foam Bright - the ultimate solution for a brighter, whiter smile!

Our advanced cleansing and whitening formula is specially designed to brighten your teeth while you brush. Say goodbye to sensitivity and enamel damage with our gentle yet effective formula.

With Foam Bright, you can achieve a radiant smile without the hassle of messy strips or expensive treatments. Simply use it as part of your daily brushing routine and watch as your teeth become visibly whiter and brighter.

Our product is safe for enamel and suitable for all ages. It's also free from harsh chemicals, making it a healthier and more natural option for teeth whitening.

Don't settle for a dull smile any longer. Try Foam Bright today and experience the confidence that comes with a brighter, more beautiful smile!


water (aqua), alcohol, glycerin, poloxamer 188, polysorbate 20, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, sucralose, caffeine, potassium acesulfame, sodium lauryl sulfate, poloxamer 407, menthol, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, foambright t™ whitening: water (aqua), ethyl alcohol, sodium perborate, sodium phosphate, poloxamer 407, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium citrate, flavor (aroma), sodium saccharin, sucralose, xylitol, potassium nitrate.
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