What is it?

The erbium fully ablative laser works by removing the outer layer of the skin &targeting the lower level forcing the collagen and elastin cells to repair!

Areas that can be treated

  • full face
  • Partial face spot treatment (suitable for just cheeks for example: ice pick scarring)
  • Body scar treatment
  • Stretch mark treatment

What to expect

you will be numbed prior to starting!

during the treatment you will feel slight warmth, then after, when the numbing cream wears off, Discomfort is similar to that of a sunburn or a chemical peel!

This treatment will cause redness, sensitivity, peeling/flaking for 4-7 days. Typically for spot treatments the downtime is 5 days while the full face can take 7 full days! Body can vary from 1-4 weeks depending on the spot size!

Follow Up

It can take 4-6 to see full results

even if the area looks healed the skin is still repairing beneath the surface!