What to expect

Our goal is to reduce the hair 75-99%. Results can vary on area, hormones, hair type, and your body!

For some clients we do recommend touch up 1-3x a year after completing sessions!

Discomfort is minimal for most clients, but can vary!

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies per person & can also depending on the area, hair growth, and more.

How soon will I see results?

You can see results as early as 2-3 weeks after your first treatment.

After we damage the follicle at the first session, the hair will grow back in like normal & can start falling out at the 2 week mark

How many session do I need?

a Minimum of 10-12 sessions per area

Some people prefer touch ups 1-3x a year

Follow Up

Depending on hair growth & which area, we can rebook about 4-6 for the face

4-8 weeks for the body