What is it?

Body contouring is a NON-INVASIVE treatment to aid in weight loss and skin tightening/ shaping.

This treatment targets the stomach, back, buttocks, and directly below the buttocks

Is it permanent?

We do kill the fat cells so as long as you keep up with exercise and diet to prevent the body from creating new fat cells it is permanent.


  • drinking a lot of water to flush the toxins (avoid caffeine and alcohol for a few days)
  • add cardio to your routine to prevent new fat cells from forming and maintaining a healthy diet.
  • There is no downtime with this treatment! Feeling sore from the muscle stimulation is normal!

Mommy Makeover specific Aftercare

The full healing process can take 7-14 days, but the redness and sensitivity usually only lasts for 3-7 days!

Avoid excessive heat, sweating, and any thing that could cause irritation, while the area is healing

Follow Up

Everyone's body, goals, and at home lifestyle/ how they keep up with the results is different so we can't exactly say as it is different for every client
(most of our clients do about 2-6 treatments.)

You must wait 72 hours before receiving another treatment to give the body time to process and flush out the toxins!