• Who's it for?

    This treatment is not for first time clients as the skin must be properly prepped for 6 weeks prior to treatment with the correct products! We can targe pigmentation, acne, texture, and fine lines with chemical peels!

  • Prep

    We advise to stopping exfoliants 3-5 days prior to treatment and topicals for 7-14 days prior to treatment. Accutane must be finished 6-12 months before considering a chemical peel.
    Avoid tanning 7-14 days prior. Please arrive with skin bare (no makeup)

  • Downtime

    After, the skin could experience tightness and different levels of shedding. Redness and Sensitivity similar to the feeling of a slight sunburn is normal. We advise only using the Nalu products we recommend post treatment and sunscreen MUST be applied everyday. Skin must be kept clean, cool, and moisturized. No sun, no heat, no sweating for 5-10 days post treatment and no activities allowed that could cause irritation such as working out, tanning, etc. Avoid makeup, exfoliants, and topicals until peeling and ALL sensitivity subsides.